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Obtaining an OAuth Token

This snippet demonstrates how your apps can use simple username and password, also known as resource owner password credentials (ROPC) to obtain an OAuth token.



  1. Add a new Swift file to your project, and copy the following code snippet:
let hostname = URL(string: "https://yourserver/mga/sps/oauth/oauth20/token")!
let clientId = "yourClientId"
let username = "yourUserName"
let password = "yourPassword"
OAuthContext.shared.authorize(hostname, clientId, username: username, password: password)
    token, error in
    guard let _ = error else
        print("Error: \(error.debugDescription)")
    if let token = token
        // We got the token.
        print("Token: \(token)")

Next Steps

You have now successfully used resource owner password credentials (ROPC) to obtain an OAuth token in your iOS application, by using the IBMVerifyKit framework.

For a more in-depth sample on OAuth tokens, have a look at the OAuth token sample under the Samples section. Furthermore, play around with other samples which demonstrate further functionality of the framework in the Samples section, or have a look at more quick, easy-to-implement code snippets in the Snippets section.