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Changelog Android

Verify SDK 2.0.2 (10.10.2018)

  • support certificate pinning
  • support default implementations for ignoreSsl == true

Verify SDK 2.0.1

  • n/a

Verify SDK 2.0.0

  • replacing Mobile Access SDK v1
  • supporting both on-premises and cloud based multi-factor authenticators
  • enhanced security features that apply to both on-premise and cloud

Mobile Access SDK v1.2.6

  • Support for checking if key pair exists

Mobile Access SDK v1.2.5 (05.09.2017)

  • Support parenthesis in url query part
  • Support for determining if keys may be invalidated.
  • Support for using authenticated keys for signing.
  • Exposing error code from 'MobileKitException' class.
  • Exposing algorithm and keystore name from 'KeyStoreHelper' class.

Mobile Access SDK v1.2.4 (18.07.2017)

  • Support for custom headers in OAuthContext.
  • Support Base64 encoding options for public key export and data signing.
  • Support for logging output to logcat
  • Support for customised exception class 'MobileKitException'
  • Accepts both "SHAx" and "HmacSHAx" as input for HmacAlgorithm.

Mobile Access SDK v1.2.0 (30.09.2016)

  • Support for internationalisation.

    • Czech, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified and Taiwan)
  • rename library to "IBMMobileKit-<version_number>.aar"

  • Support for multi-factor (MFA) and non-MFA authentication enrolment

    • Fingerprint
    • User presence enrolment
    • HOTP enrolment
    • TOTP enrolment
  • Support for multi-factor (MFA) authentication unenrollment

    • Fingerprint
    • User presence enrolment
  • Support for context based challenge and verification

    • Fingerprint
    • User presence enrolment
    • HOTP enrolment
    • TOTP enrolment
    • Username password
  • Support for extending the context based challenge framework

  • Support for querying pending challenges

Mobile Access SDK v1.0.0 (26.05.2016)

  • Support for OAuth ROPC and AZN code flow
  • Support for HMAC generated one-time password (HOTP)
  • Support for time generated one-time password (TOTP)