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Credential Service Cache


Specifies the configuration for the credential service cache. When the cache is enabled, IAG will cache the encrypted credentials received from the external credential service. If the cache is not enabled, IAG will request credentials from the credential service for every request requiring single sign-on.


The following table(s) describe the configuration properties for this component:

Name Type Constraints Description
cache_size number Minimum:0
The cache size, the number of entries which will be cached.
cache_enabled boolean Values: true,false
A boolean to indicate whether the credential service cache is enabled or not.
entry_lifetime number Minimum:0
The entry lifetime, the maximum number of seconds entries will be cached for, regardless of whether they are being used or not.
entry_idle_timeout number Minimum:0
The entry idle timeout, the number of seconds a cache entry which is not being used will remain cached for.
login_clear_user boolean Values: true,false
If set to true, on successful authentication any existing cached credentials for the authenticating user will be cleared.