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The IBM Application Gateway has a new home -

The documentation on this site will no longer be maintained after v21.02, please update your bookmarks.

Getting Started


The IBM Application Gateway (IAG) provides a containerized secure Web Reverse proxy which is designed to sit in front of your application, seamlessly adding authentication and authorization protection to your application.


Defining the Environment

At a high level, when starting the IAG container you need to define:

  1. The identity source for the environment. The container is able to protect applications by acting as an OIDC Relying Party, and protect API's using OAuth token introspection;
  2. The applications which are to be protected. For each application you might potentially need to define:

    1. The Web servers which host the application;
    2. The authorization policy for the application resources;
    3. Any rate limiting rules to help manage access to the application;
    4. Any transformations which should take place on either the HTTP request or response.


The specific documentation which will assist in getting you started includes: