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We Have Moved

The IBM Application Gateway has a new home -

The documentation on this site will no longer be maintained after v21.02, please update your bookmarks.


The yaml file provided below contains an example YAML configuration for an IBM Application Gateway (IAG) container which:

  1. Defines a single Web application which will be proxied by the IAG.

Example Yaml File

version: "21.02"

# Configure an IAG container to proxy a single Web application.  Due to the 
# fact that no identity source has been specified unauthenticated access
# will be allowed to this application.

# Define a resource server which will be hosted at the root path of the
# IAG container.  A single Web server, located at, 
# hosts the resources.

  - path: "/"
    connection_type: "tcp"
      - host: ""
        port: 1337