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The IBM Application Gateway has a new home -

The documentation on this site will no longer be maintained after v21.02, please update your bookmarks.


IBM Application Gateway (IAG) Kubernetes operator

An IBM Application Gateway operator can manage the lifecycle of the IBM Application Gateway instances. See the operator documentation for more information on the IBM Application Gateway operator. The operator can be installed and managed manually using the techniques described in the operator documentation. It can also be installed and managed using the Operator Lifecycle Manager and

The IBM Application Gateway operator is available to be installed from and the Operator Lifecycle Manager

Kubernetes operators are very useful tools that provide lifecycle management capabilities for many varying custom objects in Kubernetes. provides a single place where Kubernetes administrators or developers can go to find existing operators that may provide the functionality that they require. Operators are described by a Cluster Service Version (CSV) that is uploaded to This CSV includes:

  • The current operator version
  • The operator version that the current version replaces
  • The operator custom resource definition
  • The operator service account
  • The role based access control information for the operator service account
  • The location of the operator image

The information in the CSV allows the Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) to manage the operator throughout its complete lifecycle. Including the initial installation and subscription to such the updates to the operator can be performed automatically.


To install the IBM Application Gateway operator from

  1. Access the IBM Application Gateway operator page on in a browser.

  2. Click the Install button on the page and follow the installation instructions.

  3. Ensure that the IBM Application Gateway operator has been created by the Operator Lifecycle Manager. The phase should be set to "Succeeded". Note that this may take a few minutes.

kubectl get csv -n operators

NAME                                      DISPLAY                            VERSION   REPLACES   PHASE
ibm-application-gateway-operator.v0.9.0   IBM Application Gateway Operator   0.9.0                Succeeded

At this point the Operator Lifecycle Manager has been installed into the Kubernetes cluster, the IBM Application Gateway operator CSV has been deployed and a subscription has been created that will monitor for any updates to the CSV on The IBM Application Gateway operator is not operational and any subsequent custom resources of the kind "IBMApplicationGateway" will result in the operator being invoked to create the instance.

For an example of the usage see the Hello World Example.