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Using events and reports to troubleshoot

In most instances, unexpected results are caused by one or more missed steps in Developing Native Web Applications.
This section describes accessing Adaptive access events either by the Events service API or Adaptive access reports and using the event detail to troubleshoot steps that may have been missed and other error causes.

Events are generated when an Adaptive access policy assigned to a native application is invoked for a Post authentication rules evaluation.

When determining where to start the troubleshooting process, is helpful to understand these steps cumulative. You can skip directly to the event type observed for your scenario.

Before you begin troubleshooting it is recommended to check the System status for known service interruptions that may impact Adaptive access collection, detection or Adaptive access policy evaluation.

The event ordering for troubleshooting is:

  1. System status
  2. Successful evaluation
  3. No event or report
  4. Risk Service Unavailable
  5. Unexpected evaluation decision

MustGather data

During the troubleshooting process you will have already collected a large amount of the MustGather data required.
Ensure you have collected Mandatory MustGather when you are Obtaining Support.

Note: some of this data is time sensitive, please ensure that it is recent before contacting support.

Mandatory MustGather

  • IBM Security Verify tenant hostname.
    For example: https://<hostname>
  • IBM Security Verify Adaptive access snippet host and snippet ID (available on the application configuration page).
    For example: and 511843
  • At least one Session ID (available in the browser console).
    For example: pp629e475c7b6fa646e5b7606a61b3bec35ebde151600944772

Optional MustGather

  • Correlation ID from event or report.
    For example: CORR_ID-ae2fea3c-66c1-4882-9c52-6130db5448dc
  • IBM Security Verify client_id (do not provide the secret).
    For example: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • IBM Security Verify application id or name.
    For example: 4587066640521568871 or My Native Web App
  • IBM Security Verify Access policy id or name.
    For example: 357317 or My Native Web App Adaptive access policy
  • The error code and message.
    For example: CSIAQ0298E Adaptive access assessment unavailable. Session collection was not completed or interrupted.

Obtaining Support

If the troubleshooting process does not resolve your error, refer to the IBM Security SaaS Support topic under the Troubleshooting and support section of the IBM Security Verify product in the IBM® Knowledge Center.

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