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Checking system status

Generally, a service interruption will result in Risk Service Unavailable events, such that access to applications is not blocked and that some level of protection for the application remains based on the Adaptive access policy.

Before continuing diagnosis or troubleshooting you should first check for known service interruptions.

You can access the status page at

IBM Security Verify Status Page

Administrators and users can view the current system uptime for all Verify regions to monitor for system outages, maintenance notifications, and new feature announcements.
This site supports email and SMS notifications, as well as an RSS feed for constant updates.

The overall Verify system uptime is provided by geographic region.

  • Europe
  • United States
  • China*

*Adaptive access is not currently available in China.

Within each region, the overall uptime is a summation of all the underlying monitored services.
All available runtime operations are monitored within each region to provide a more accurate representation of the current system status.
If you do not want to be notified of all instances of Verify, you can choose to receive notifications for individual services.

Native Web application service dependencies

Multiple services may be invoked throughout Native Web application flows, including

  • API invocation

    • Creation of API clients
  • Applications

    • Application Onboarding
    • Application Entitlement
  • Authentication

    • Authentication with Cloud Directory
    • User ID and password authentication from API
  • User Management

    • Cloud Directory Users and Groups management
    • User and Group management with API client
  • Multifactor authentication

    • Multifactor authentication using EMAIL
    • Multifactor authentication using SMS
    • Device Registration and De-registration by End-User

A service interruption in one of these services may impact the Native Web application depending on the features of the application and the API integrations with IBM Security Verify.

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