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Error Pages


This entry overloads the server generated error response pages. This entry must be either a zip file or a path which is relative to the '/var/iag/config' directory of the container. The provided contents will completely replace the default set of error pages served by the IAG.

The pages which are provided should conform to the directory structure and file name syntax explained below. The directory structure is:



'<language_code>' is a directory containing all the pages which will be presented to clients which prefer that language. If you do not wish to ever return pages to clients in a specific language, the corresponding language_code directory can be omitted. The reverse proxy will use the container language (set via the 'LANG' environment variable) if a page is requested in a language which is not provided.

For example, to only ever return error pages in English and French, include only the 'C' and 'fr' directories in the zip file and run the container with 'LANG=C'. When a language other than English or French is requested, the page will fall back to 'LANG' and be returned in English.

'language_code' Language
pt Brazilian Portuguese
cs Czech
zh_CN Chinese (Simplified)
zh_TW Chinese (Traditional)
C English
fr French
de German
hu Hungarian
it Italian
ja Japanese
ko Korean
pl Polish
es Spanish
ru Russian


'<error_code>' corresponds to a specific error code in hexadecimal format. The special error code of 'default' can also be used to configure a default page which is used for any error codes which do not have a specific page.


'<response_code>' can be used to control the HTTP status code which the reverse proxy presents when it serves the page. This part of filename is optional and the default value will be used if no response_code is indicated.

'error_code' Default 'response_code' Description
38cf0420 301 Moved Permanently
38cf0421 302 Moved Temporarily
38cf0427 403 Forbidden
38cf0428 404 Not Found
38cf04c6 500 Server Not Responding
38cf04d7 500 Server Not Responding
38cf08cc 403 Forbidden (Time based)
default 400 Any other error code


'<mime_type>' corresponds to the mime sub-type which this page will be returned for. For example, if a client request contains the 'accept' header 'text/html', 'html' is the mime sub-type and should be used for the file extension. If an 'accept' header is not present, the reverse proxy will also consider the 'content-type' header.


For example, to customise:

  • the 'forbidden' error response (error code '38cf0427')
  • for Korean language
  • to return HTTP status 500
  • for clients expecting 'application/json'

Create the following file in the zip file of error response pages:



If no value is specified here, the default set of pages will be used. The default set of pages, '', can be downloaded from GitHub ( and used as a starting point for creating custom error pages.


The following table(s) describe the configuration properties for this component:

Name Type Constraints Description
content string The content which will be used for the error pages. The content can either be the name of a directory, relative to the '/var/iag/config' directory of the container, or a zip file.
type string Values: zip,path The type of content which is being supplied. Either a zip file or a directory name.


             content: ""
             type: zip