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Specifies the location of the resource server that is being protected. This is an array type and multiple resource servers can be specified.


The following table(s) describe the configuration properties for this component:

Name Type Constraints Description
ssl SSL Object
host string The name or IP address of the server.
url_style URL_STYLE Object
port number The port on which the server is listening.
virtual_host string If the resource server resides on a virtual host, this parameter can be used to specify the hostname which the reverse proxy should present in the host header for requests to this resource server. If this resource server definition is for a virtual host, this will be inherited from the resource server definition and should not be specified.

SSL Object

SSL settings for the server.

Name Type Constraints Description
server_dn string This option can be used to ensure that the resource server presents a specific certificate.
certificate string If required, a signer certificate required for the reverse proxy to trust the resource server can be specified here in PEM format.
sni string Specifies the expected SNI of the resource server.


This entry defines how the resource server URLs are handled.

Name Type Constraints Description
windows boolean Values: true,false
A boolean flag indicating whether or not to forbid requests to URLs that appear to be Windows style file name aliases. If this entry is set to true it will also enforce that URLs are case insensitive.
case_insensitive boolean Values: true,false
A boolean flag indicating whether or not URLs are case insensitive.


         - path: "/example"
               - host:
                 port: 443
                     certificate: "@cert.crt"
                     server_dn: cn=test
                     case_insensitive: true
                     windows: false