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The gateway can apply authorization rules to incoming requests. This entry defines a list of matching requests, rules and actions to perform if matches are found. The rules can be either:

  • Defined directly here in an entry.
  • Defined in the authorization section and reference by name here in an entry.

This entry defines authorization rules directly. There are also two pre-defined rules which can be used:

  • "anyuser" : Which allows access to any user, even if they are not authenticated.
  • "anyauth" : Which allows access to any authenticated user.


The following table(s) describe the configuration properties for this component:

Name Type Constraints Description
paths array[string] The paths which this policy will be applied. Each path may contain the '*?' pattern matching characters. This entry is an array and can be used to specify multiple paths.
host string The host (obtained from the host header in the request) for which this policy will be applied. If no host header is specified all hosts will be matched.
name string A name for this policy, which is used to refer to this policy in audit events.
action string Values: permit,deny Defines the action to perform if the rule matches.
rule string If a rule string is not defined here, the gateway will look for a named rule (with the same name as this policy) in the authorization section of the configuration YAML. Refer to the authorization section of this template for an explanation of rule syntax. The predefined rules anyuser or anyauth can also be referenced here.
methods array[string] The method(s) which this policy applies to. If this is not defined, the policy will apply to all methods.


             - name: policyA
                 - /test*
                   - GET
                   - POST
               rule: (any groupIds = "administrator")
             - name: policyB
                 - /example*
                   - DELETE
               rule: anyuser
               action: deny