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The IBM Application Gateway has a new home -

The documentation on this site will no longer be maintained after v21.02, please update your bookmarks.

Demo Resource Server

The demonstration resource server is a simple application which can be used in place of a real application while experimenting with IBM Application Gateway's capabilities.

When configured with IAG, this application:

  • Can respond to requests for any URL
  • Displays all received HTTP headers, including identity headers added by IAG
  • Displays the decoded version of any basic authentication header provided
  • Displays the claims within a JWT passed in the 'jwt' HTTP header

Refer to the Hello World topic for complete examples.

Hosted Version

A hosted version of the demo resource server is available at the following locations:

Protocol Host Port
  - path:            /demo-https
    connection_type: ssl
      - host:
        port: 443
  - path:            /demo-http
    connection_type: tcp
      - host:
        port: 80

Docker Container

The demonstration application is also available from Docker Hub:

Accessing the Image

To load the image from Docker Hub the 'docker pull' command should be used. The image name should be supplied with the pull command, along with a tag which corresponds to the image version number. For example:

docker pull ibmcom/ibm-application-gateway-demo-resource-server:21.02


The demo resource server container will expose a single port which the server will listen for requests: HTTP 8000. By default the Docker environment will publish this port to random ports on the Docker host. If a specific port or Docker host IP address is required the '--publish' option should be used with the 'docker run' command.

Quick Start

To start the container in the foreground execute the command:

docker run --rm --name iag-demo-resource-server ibmcom/ibm-application-gateway-demo-resource-server:21.02

However, a more complete command, which would specify a port, could be:

docker run --name iag-demo-resource-server \
    --detach \
    --publish 8080:8000 \
# Examine the request log file of the container.
docker logs -f iag-demo-resource-server

Supported Tags

Tag Purpose
YY.MM A particular release, of the format: {year}.{month}. For example 21.02.
YY.MM.R A particular release, of the format: {year}.{month}.{revision} For example 21.02.0